24/7 MRLocal Saniflo Engineers - 0753 858 1254, specialise in the service and repair of Saniflo Macerator. We have 15 years extensive experience of hundreds of different types of Saniflos.

Saniflo products are used to provide you with:

  • Toilets and wall hung WC's
  • Showers and power showers
  • Baths
  • Wash basins and sinks
  • Bidet
  • Washing machines and dishwashers

Most popular rooms converted with a Saniflo system:

  • Under stairs toilet
  • Loft conversion
  • Garage toilet
  • Basement cloakroom
  • Utility room

There is an extensive range of Saniflo products to meet exactly with your requirements. We can advise of the best product for the space available.

We understand that many problems can occur with Saniflo products, and have helpfully put together a series of frequently asked questions to assist you with their repair and maintenance:


I can hear a humming/buzzing noise from the macerator and the waste water is not being pumped away.

Contact 24/7 MRLocal Plumbers. We would advise you to remove the fuse and safely turn off your macerator. The macerator's motor could burn out if it continues to humm/buzz. We can assist you with the repair of your Saniflo, but the repair is much more costly if the motor has given up.

Water is escaping from the macerator, from it's side, over the top of the loo or is backing into the tray of the shower or sink.

Something may be blocking your macerator or the internal non return valve. Safely turn the macerator off by removing the fuse and switching it off, call 24/7 MRLocal Plumbers for our expert guidance and for our assistance in assessing your Saniflo problems.

My macerator has an unpleasant smell.

Your macerator may need some maintenance. We can assist you with the maintenance of your Saniflo, clean the inside of the macerator and repair its internal faults. Using the flush of your toilet to it's full capacity should allow for the macerator to be cleaned and cleared regularly.

My macerator switches itself on.

Check your toilet overflow and all of your overflows and waste pipes leading to the macerator. Call 24/7 MRLocal Plumbers and we can help find the route of the problem.

Call MRLocal Saniflo in Brighton and Hove to repair and fix your Saniflo. We do provide a same day service, and we carry most spares to site.
If you just want professional advice just call 0753 858 1254.